Algoliner GmbH & Co. KG has developed a unique method for the production of closed system photobioreactors (PBRs) used to grow algae-biomass


Algoliner’s patented method of hanging acrylic-glass pipes and on site production of those pipes are groundbreaking new technologies for the realization of tubular PBRs.

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Compared to conventional PBRs, Algoliner provides an innovative, environmentally friendly, sustainable, and substantially cheaper solution. Read on about why Algoliner? →


A note from the inventor…


As we speak, 7.4 billion fellow humans share this our planet with us. Most respectable surveys suggest that our planet will have to cope with a population of 10 billion and higher during the course of this century. Meanwhile, according to an OECD study, an estimated 170 million could reach the middle class annually. Naturally, the need for energy, food and consumption in general is rising substantially in the developing world. Meanwhile, the so called "developed world" has not done enough to slow down let alone reduce their hunger for energy. It is thus obvious, that we face an enormous challenge: Meet needs for continued population growth and ever rising standards of living all while not creating an ecologic overburden to our planet. Read on →